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Meet the Team.

These are the the people behind PrivMed® and find out what's their motivation to change the healthcare systems

"Inspired by personalised medication, changing my son's life to a better one."

"I am enthusiastic about establishing a new system for high-quality healthcare services."

At the center of our work is the human as a patient.

Through sustainable design solutions we improve the future way of understanding, producing and taking medication.

PrivMed® saves ressources and is our take on sustainable medication.

Intelligent design deals with the problems and challenges of our time. PrivMed® is our answer to an urgent need of personalized medication. Age, gender, bodyweight and height are rarely considered when medication is subscribed. Unified boxed medication is the norm. Tailormade medication saves valuable pharma material and packaging and therefore is the necessary step to a sustainable medication.

The team of PrivMed®

Better health – through 100% individually dosed medication!

When Timo, the son of founder Ingo Krause, fell ill with ADHD at the age of seven, it was the beginning of a long odyssey of treating his symptoms with various medications from the field of psychotropic drugs.

“We hesitated for a long time, but without medication, it would not have been possible for him to attend school at all. When he started taking medication things started to improve at school, and Timo was also much better, because suddenly he was able to concentrate and control his social behaviour.

Ingo Krause
Better health – through 100% individually dosed medication!

However, there was a fundamental problem with the medication: as is common with pharmaceuticals, special dosages for children are rarely available.

Clinical studies are only carried out with adult patients. Children, pregnant women or the elderly, who have very special needs, do not figure in the reference groups.

The available dosages of 20, 40, 60 or 80 mg prescribed by the doctor were completely unsuitable for Timo’s treatment, as almost every milligram of psychotropic drugs can cause changes. Moreover he was of an age when children grow quickly, which meant that his body weight changed too. The dosage had to be constantly adjusted.

When we started to divide the standard doses in order to be able to react to his daily condition, we very quickly questioned why it was not possible to get personalised doses in the 21st century.

At this time my company, kg-pharma, had already been internationally successful in the field of R&D pharmaceutical tablet presses for 12 years.

These are what pharmaceutical manufacturing companies use to prepare for the mass production of tablets.

However, this “standard dose medication” reflects the existing treatment system of permanent, often harmful overdosing of drugs, especially in children, but also the chronically ill and many other patients.

“It was then that I realised for the first time that every patient in this world must have the right to personalised medication.”

That was when PrivMed® was born.

Studying mechanical engineering at the HTWG Konstanz, with a focus on design and development, was the starting point for me to turn my passion into a career. My work in the private sector was therefore followed by a wish to become self-employed. I founded an engineering office with the intention of being responsible for complex projects and problem solving. The more challenging a project was, the more enthusiastically I tackled it. I realised that it was the difficult part that got me going. What seemed to be insoluble requests and problems from customers stirred a particular interest and the necessary drive in me.

René Manigk
With PrivMed® we solve the problem of medication overdosages.

That is why, when Ingo Krause called in November 2018, my enthusiasm was aroused. He told me about his PrivMed® project idea and infected me with his innovative thinking. It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to implement this extraordinary project together with him. From then on I was responsible for the technical implementation. We benefited from Ingo Krause’s many years of experience in pharmaceutical mechanical engineering as well as from my pharmaceutical ignorance. Because this enabled us to break through classic thought patterns and develop innovative ideas. That is why PrivMed® is a machine with a completely new functional principle for the production of individual tablets, one which makes it completely different from conventional tablet presses.

For me, PrivMed® is an incredible vision for the future that is growing every day and has now become a reality thanks to our drive. An enrichment for me and the pharmaceutical industry and. ultimately, an incredible benefit for people’s individual health.


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