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Do we really get the best drug treatment when we are ill?

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0, digitisation, the future, the environment and new energies. People live more individualistically, and have developed corresponding demands.

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But what about healthcare?

There is a wide range of medication available, but if we get sick, maybe even chronically ill, and have to take medication permanently, can we get customised medication?

The answer is as simple as it is terrifying: no!

For decades we have been living in a world of drug overdose and shelf medication.

Overdosing causes a great deal of harm through side effects, or as the great Paracelsus is often quoted as saying: “The dose makes the poison!”

Doctors and pharmacists would be very happy to prescribe tailor-made drug treatments, but they only have standard dose medication available, the dosages of which are at best available in rough increments.

This is a dead end, especially as far as paediatrics, psychotropic drugs and diabetes are concerned, as well as most other disciplines

Is there really nothing better?

We developed PrivMed® so that:

  • we can help every patient, women and men, young and old, big and small, to achieve their right to receive an optimal, harmless, personalised medication treatment.

  • every doctor and pharmacist has the opportunity to give their patients the best possible health care.

  • … we can enable the pharmaceutical industry to concentrate on the most important things: finding new, better active ingredients and making them available to patients at the best possible dosage.

“Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come”
Victor Hugo (1802–1885)

Personalised medication using tablets will be the future of all medical treatment and will replace the existing system of drug overdose with all its disadvantages and harmful side effects.

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Research & Development

When any tablet is developed, compression parameters for the relevant active ingredient always need to be considered at the start.


PrivMed® X guides the development team through the entire process of tablet design and optimal compression to achieve the perfect tablet.

Here is an overview of medical specialisms in which PrivMed® can be used to great advantage for treatment and patients:

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