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PrivMed® Paracelsus

PrivMed® Paracelsus 

-Personalised tablet production in seconds-


The ultra-compact tablet press for city or hospital pharmacies, for pharmacist production groups that jointly supply entire regions, and for food supplement manufacturers.

Adressing patient centric medication, as gender differences in pharmacological response, pediatric healthcare, chronic deseases etc.

Active ingredient containers with ready API blends (as e.g. from Fagron) are easily inserted, and the production parameters are stored on a chip so that no setting is necessary.

A built-in, high-precision weighing module monitors the dosage of the active ingredient for each individual tablet – a first in industrial tablet production, where weighting cannot be carried out individually in mass production, but instead is controlled via the much less precise pressing force value.

The pharmacist only needs to enter the number of tablets prescribed according to the prescription and the respective dosage; each tablet can contain a different dosage of the active ingredient.
PrivMed® does everything else fully automatically.

The pressing room and pressing tools (freely selectable tablet shapes, e.g. with a pharmacy logo) are housed in a slot that can be easily exchanged and cleaned (e.g. in a dishwasher).

Empty containers for active ingredients are sent back to the supplier for cleaning and refilling in an environmentally friendly cycle, so that logistics in the pharmacy can be limited to a minimum.

Your advantages

Fully automated production of recipes in the pharmacy

Ultra compact tablet press for single or multi-API , bi- and trilayer tablet production

Intuitive, "plug and play" use

Individual tablet design (e.g. with pharmacy logo)


Making tablets - as easy as using your smartphone

  1. Enter the number of tablets you want to produce.

  2. Enter the target weight of each tablet.

  3. Press the Start button.

PrivMed® will take care of all the rest.

Technical Data
Tablet diameter range
4-22 mm
Number of possible fill layers per tablet
up to 3
Tablet weight range
20-1,250 mg
Equivalent fill depth range
4-20 mm
Max. tablet production capacity
Max. compression force
20 (30) KN
Automatic product container identification
Power supply
230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kW
724 x 512 x 637 mm
70 kg
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