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For PrivMed® traveling, 5 cities (EU/USA) in 5 days....

On tour for PrivMed® X AB

Today I'm going to take you on a typical business trip like I've been doing for over 20 years. If you are interested, stay.

In a nutshell, I will take you from June 1st to June 8th via:


Or for all those who are not immediately familiar with the airport codes:

Stockholm-Arlanda > Brussels-Zaventem > Washington D.C. - Dulles > Houston - George Bush Intercontinental > Washington D.C. - Dulles > Pittsburgh International > London - Heathrow > Stockholm-Arninge

Of course, the climate protectors can now point the finger, CO2 emissions, does that have to be the case?

Yes, sometimes it has to be.

Because Zoom can do a lot, but it doesn't build the natural foundation of every business relationship for you:

Trust through the personal conversation.

While a lot can then be arranged via video conference, there must be a personal "magic" at the beginning.

Booking everything, including hotels, takes several hours spread over several days.

I'm already getting dizzy just thinking about all the work on the expense report. But here in Sweden this is at least possible via the system app.

Let's start, June 1st, Day 1:

My dear wife, as almost always, drives me to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, my daughter has already confiscated my side of the matrimonial bed at home with the help of stuffed animals.

I walk into the terminal with all my luggage and look for my flight on the departure display.

Alone, I can't find him. Strange, I look at the boarding card again, something is wrong there.

Instead of "ARN" for Arninge, Stockholm International Airport, it says "BMA" ...for Stockholm-Bromma. A tiny airport in the middle of Stockholm.

As an experienced aviator, there is no rush, but anger at your own inattentiveness. However, the fact is that Brussels Airlines is the only one that flies from Bromma.

My wife is already too far away, so let's try Uber. Arriving on time at the airport pays off once again.

The Uber driver is an elderly gentleman and says no problem, we'll be in Bromma in 30 minutes.

We'll share along the way like I do around the world. Taxi drivers often have interesting stories to tell.

The elderly gentleman fled Iran with his family in 1978 (he says with a touch of wistful nostalgia: "Persia") and is struggling with the current migration policy in the EU. From migrant to migrant (I emigrated from Germany ) evolves into profound conversation.

In Bromma I'll be through security and at the gate in 6 minutes.

That would be done! Quickly check the emails again and see how I can get from Brussels to my hotel in Zele, Belgium by train.

Then let's get started.

Brussels Airport in the late afternoon. Full as usual, I get my suitcase from the assembly line, have now booked my train ticket to Zele online and am amazed which logistics genius limited the automatic access to the train station to just three automatic gates, where everything is now jammed.

It's warm on the platform. The train arrives and takes me to Zele with one change in Brussels-North.

Zele is a small place that Uber has probably never heard of. And so my attempt to book an Uber for the 2.5 KM long way to the hotel is in vain. There is no taxi in sight and I have neither the desire nor the time to familiarize myself with the Belgian bus system. So I set off on foot with my big trolley case and after about 30 minutes I reach my first overnight destination.

That was day 1, tomorrow the exciting visit to Filip from Procept


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