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Driving Innovation Together

PrivMed® X AB and ACG World, two distinguished names in the realm of pharmaceutical innovation, have come together to embark on a journey that will reshape the landscape of personalised medication.

This partnership marks a significant milestone as two industry professionals join forces to elevate standards and develop groundbreaking solutions to the forefront.

Both PrivMed® X AB and ACG World are united by a common vision: the relentless pursuit of excellence in personalised medication. This partnership capitalizes on their shared commitment to advancing patient-centric healthcare solutions, where every prescription is tailored to an individual's unique needs.

“Leading into the future of patient centric medication with our invincible Indian-Swedish partnership” Ingo Krause, CEO of PrivMed® X AB

“This is a significant step in our journey of making healthcare delivery better for our customers. By introducing this technology and enabling the development for personalised medicines, we are essentially kicking out potential side-effects and embracing affordable, accessible, and revolutionary healthcare.” Karan Singh, CEO of ACG World.

We envision a future where patients receive medications that are not only less side effects but more effective. Also intricately personalised, enhancing both treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Together, we are rewriting the narrative of healthcare, one personalised prescription at a time.


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